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Swimming at Woolfox: Physical & Mental Health Benefits

Physical & Mental Health Benefits of Swimming

Immerse yourself in our brand new swimming pool at Woolfox to rebalance both your body and your mind. With our modern, hygienic steel swimming pool and the surrounding views of rural Rutland, there is no better place to restore and unwind.

Central to our lifestyle offering, you can get a full workout in a calm and tranquil setting. But why choose swimming as your essential exercise? Read on to discover how swimming can be the escape you need at any hour of the day.

physical & mental health benefits of swimming

What are the health benefits of swimming?

Why is swimming good for you? As a physical exercise, it has long been known as an excellent, low-impact form of cardio. Beyond that, it offers a whole host of other benefits that we’ll explore further on in this piece. 

Swimming as a form of recreational exercise helps to:

Keep your heart rate up – this boosts cardiovascular fitness when performed regularly

Build strength in muscles – this can contribute towards your goals around strength

Tone your body – this supports your wider personal health and fitness plan

Improve mobility – a lack of pressure on joints can help to restore movement


In our busy lives, we may forget to slow down and process our thoughts. But as you glide through the water, you’ll focus not only on the oxygen supply to your muscles, but also on your mind. 

Whether you choose to employ breaststroke, front crawl, butterfly or backstroke swimming techniques, all can form part of routine exercise taken at your own pace.


Swimming for mental health

Leave the demands of the world behind you and dive into swimming as part of your ongoing routine for self care. The mental health benefits of swimming may not be immediately obvious, but it can make a world of difference once you’ve experienced a mid-morning or late-evening swim at Woolfox.

Feelings of stress will melt away, replaced instead by endorphins released as part of you exercising. This improves your sense of well-being, soothing any tension you may have developed within.

Once in the water, any outside distractions are put to one side, including screens and digital devices that would normally demand your attention. Allow your mind to wander in the water, spending cherished time in relaxation for a better quality of life.

An added bonus of aerobic exercise is the link to improvements in your sleep. Drift into a more peaceful sleep after expending energy and freeing your thoughts, and face the next day as a more refreshed version of yourself.


Our swimming timetable

We operate two schedules for swimming times, one for the weekdays and one for the weekend, allowing you to choose the optimal time for your relaxing swim:


6am – 10am – Adult-only

10am – 1pm – Family swim

1pm – 3pm – Adult-only

3pm – 6pm – Family swim

6pm – 9pm – Adult-only


8am – 11am – Adult-only

11am – 6pm – Family swim

6pm – 8pm – Adult-only


Serene swimming in Stamford

The benefits of swimming every day for mental health as well as for physical well-being are clear. Apply for complete lifestyle membership at Woolfox today for access to our brand new 20-metre indoor pool, sauna and relaxation room to revive, restore and rebalance.


Just a stone’s throw from Stamford, imagine taking a dip in our serene and composed facilities, before treating your skin with the organic Harvest Skincare range available to you. Stay for the day or drop by to indulge in the Woolfox lifestyle. 

Experience rural relaxation at Woolfox — visit our membership application page today and explore leisure, golf, brunch at Fika and much more.

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