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Sophie Harvey

This week we speak to Sophie Harvey. Sophie is a strength and conditioning and rehab coach at the Royal Ballet.  We are very proud to offer Woolfox members 1:1 personal training here in the comfort our state of the art gym.



Ballet is one of the most physically and mentally challenge forms of fitness out there, how did you come to teach at the Royal Ballet and what are the most common injuries that you encounter?


After dancing myself until the age of 19, I became interested in training when I left the world of dance – I went on to study Sport and Exercise Science at university and fell in love with Strength and Conditioning. Coaching athletes to improve their performance and reduce injury risk is such a rewarding experience. I was sent the advert for the position at the Royal Ballet School by a few friends, and applied on a whim. A few interviews later, I was offered the role as the Rehabilitative Strength and Conditioning Coach. The main injuries that I rehab are overuse shin and ankle injuries – particularly in the girls due to pointework.



You recently spoke to our members about what we can learn from the practices of elite athletes, can you share your top tips?


Consistency is key! The main take home from my experiences with elite athletes is that Rome wasn’t built in a day; they became elite by consistently turning up and sticking to a plan. Sometimes you have to rely on discipline when motivation inevitably dwindles, so creating habits makes consistency far more achievable.



Who can benefit from 1:1 personal training with you?


Whether you are recovering from an injury, training for a performance goal or looking to get started in the gym, I can utilise my experience to provide an appropriate programme. Seeing clients progress is the most rewarding part of my job, so anyone who is keen to progress in their sessions is welcomed warmly! I can cater for all current levels, you don’t have to be an athlete to thrive in the gym. 



As we enter into winter what is your top tip for avoiding injury and winter fitness?


Listen to your body – we need more sleep with the shorter days and you’re far more likely to catch yourself feeling run down. We are more likely to get injured if we are tired. Put in place a consistent bedtime routine (no screens and avoid late meals) and adjust your daily activities if you’re feeling particularly tired. It’s also a great time to prioritise a thorough dynamic warm up, especially if you are training outside.



Where is your favourite place at Woolfox?


The sauna! Heat therapy is a brilliant tool for recovery from hard sessions. Downtime is just as important as training so relaxing while enjoying the view is a perfect way to unwind.


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