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Cassy Haglund

Cassy is a meditation teacher and sound healing practitioner. Cassy brings her sound healing meditations to Woolfox, where her empathetic and warm approach creates an atmosphere of trust and tranquility to the collective energy of group sessions. You can find her in the serene Woolfox studio with the lights dimmed and candles burning, allowing members to truly turn off and tune into their selves.

What is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is an ancient practice that uses sound vibrations and frequencies, often from instruments like the Tibetan or Crystal singing bowls to improve your emotional and physical wellbeing. These sound frequencies can interact with the vibrational frequencies in the cells of your body and through your energy centers/chakras to help restore them to a balanced state. 


What happens in a session?

My sessions are designed to make you feel embraced and supported as you discover the depths of your healing potential while exploring your emotions, your own energy, releasing stored trauma, and to also cultivate a sense of inner peace, harmony, and deep relaxation in your body. 

I will welcome everyone into the studio and clearly explain how you will be guided in the session, so whether you’ve attended previously or this is your very first time, everyone knows exactly how you’ll be led in sound. For the duration of the session you’ll be lying on a yoga mat with bolsters, pillows and blankets while you receive the healing frequencies from the instruments I’ll intuitively be playing for you. At the end of the session I’ll guide you back from the meditative state I left you in, and give you an opportunity to ask questions or share your experience.


How will I feel after attending a Sound Healing Session?

You may experience a range of emotional and physical sensations. Physically you can expect to feel calm in your body, you may notice that your heart rate has slowed, your muscles feel relaxed, and you’re breathing easier. Some even say they sleep better and feel less tense. Emotionally you can feel a deep sense of inner peace and mental clarity, perhaps finding it easier to let go of stress or emotional blocks. You may also find that you’ve opened a door to a deeper understanding of yourself and feeling more connected to the world around you. 


How did you get into Sound Healing?

Several years ago I was diagnosed with Complex PTSD, talk therapy was providing me valuable tools but my body needed other ways to let go of the trauma I was carrying. My therapist recommended the book “The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk” and soon after I found myself seeking out various forms of energy healing. My healing journey has been filled with many different modalities, but attending regular sound baths is where I finally began my deep inner healing and reconnected with myself. 

I’ve been a participant of crystal singing bowl sound baths for years, when we moved to Stamford I couldn’t find anyone who focused solely on the crystal bowls, so I enrolled in a practitioners course with the intention of knowing how to play my instruments better for myself – The universe ended up having a different plan for me, and somehow here I am. It’s been such a humbling experience welcoming so many people into these sessions, one I don’t take for granted. 


Your favourite place at Woolfox?

Is it okay to say I love being in the studio with everyone who attends my sessions? Woolfox has cultivated a beautiful community of members and each person who’s attended my session is so lovely, I’m grateful that I not only get to be a small part in their journey but that they’re also a part of mine. 


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