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A Journey to Wholeness

Sunday 4th June / 10.00 - 13.00

Woolfox Workshop

£50 Members & their guests / £65 Non Members

Some of you may recognise Claryn from the Studio teaching Yin Yoga, however with this workshop we are bringing you so much more…

With a professional background and career in health, wellbeing and healing spanning over three decades, Claryn is a trauma-informed practitioner who has a wealth of knowelege, skills and experience to lead and teach sessions such as this with safety compassion and integrity.

Throughout this workshop, Claryn will lead you through meditation, journaling, dance, yoga, and compassionate inquiry, combining all of her learnings together to create and empower you to heal yourself so that you can grow and thrive in life, relationships and work.

About your day:

Alchemy meditation


Free writing

Yin Yoga


Group coaching

Free movements

Fika snack and herbal tea


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